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INLINEINSIGHT offers marketers a master view to marketing performance across the ad channels and campaigns.

Campaign Analytics. Improve your ad campaign and social media performance with InlineInsight automated analytics tool. Get the full view across your digital marketing platforms to help you understand what works – and what works even better!

Campaign Management. Campaign management tool helps you to track errors and performance by constantly analyzing your ad and social media data and notifying immediately if something goes wrong. On top of that, it gives you recommendations to optimize your marketing actions.

Customer Acquisition Analytics. Analyze your sales funnel to reach your most profitable customers and optimize your time and budget. Use the data from your website and CRM system to understand your customer acquisition process to increase your sales and profit.

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Harness the power of automated forecasting and artificial intelligence! InlinePredict platform harmonizes internal and external data and uses machine learning algorithms to help you maximize your sales and to minimize loss and expenditure in inventory management.

  • Automate sales Forecasts for operations and reporting. Use working time more efficiently and increase accuracy with automated reporting and budgeting.
  • Maximize sales by optimizing product availability. Ensure the availability of your most demanded and profitable products and services.
  • Minimize loss and capital expenditure in inventory management. Optimize inventory and maximize your product flow.
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