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Microsoft Power BI enables data discovery, data modeling, data visualization, and distribution of intelligent data reports for internal and external purposes. Our reporting specialists have created dozens of Power BI reports and dashboards for our customers to build clear and visualized understanding of customers’ business functionalities.

Before creating Power BI reports, we make sure the data is cleaned, formatted and harmonized to support synchronized visualizations in the reports. Our data models pull data from numerous APIs across the Web on a daily basis, allowing our customers to keep up-to-date with their businesses’ performance.

Power BI

Benefits of Power BI

Visualizations: In Power BI, we are able to visualize your data in a chart, a graph, a color-coded map, or other interesting formats to display your data in a more understandable manner. Power BI has various visualization types and more are coming all the time.

Customizability: Our main solution offers marketers a master’s view of marketing, CRM and sales performance across ad channels and campaigns. Our customizable marketing performance report lets marketing professionals focus on more important work, as the tool visualizes the main KPIs, allows comparison between paid and organic marketing performance and gives suggestions for improvement.

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How can we help?

Creating interactive reports: Our Power BI specialists are wizards in creating interactive reports from datasets containing analysis based on brands’ surveying datasets.

Turning raw data into valuable insights: Our developers turn existing raw surveying data to maintainable, extendable and relational data, which can be populated for the sake of insight creation, giving our customers a better understanding of brands’ target audiences’ wants and needs in one single PowerBI analytics report.

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