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Cloud Transformation

We're planning, implementing and operating cloud transformation and development projects. Our services are modernizing enterprise’s IT solutions and infrastructure for both pure-cloud and hybrid landscapes.

Our typical services include

  • MS SQL server management & data cloud transformation
  • Programmable Azure infra
  • Cloudsource planning & implementation

Cloud DevOps

We have been building and upkeeping in DevOps fashion a Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) and we have packaged a standard set of tools and integrations for easy cloud deployments.

Our typical services include:

  • Service for maintaining and constantly improving the cloud infra. 
  • Establishing Continuous Integration (CI) prcosess for fast and secure deployments.

Data Science & Engineering, Analytics

Data Science is finding patterns, anomalies and dependencies in large data sets. The data is being chewed down to have less variables and more structure.

Building data pipelines and machine learning are typical tasks for us.

Our engineers and scientists work daily on topics such as

  • Data integrations
  • ETL Services
  • Statistical modeling and development of algorithms

Examples of our analytics services are Customer Perception Data Collection, Big Data POC & Predictive Analytics.

Marketing Automation

Utilising and activating the data is seen as one of the greatest challenges for almost all companies globally.

Marketing automation is used to activate the data to improve the efficiency and relevancy of marketing communications, and to make the data better. Target is to collect all data from customer interactions - and use it to improve the CX.

Our experience in marketing automation covers both licenced and open-source softwares, such as Adobe Campaign, Hubspot and Mailchimp. 

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