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Cloud Transformation

We're planning, implementing and operating cloud transformation and development projects. Our services are modernizing enterprise’s IT solutions and infrastructure for both pure-cloud and hybrid landscapes.

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Cloud DevOps

We have been building and upkeeping in DevOps fashion a Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) and we have packaged a standard set of tools and integrations for easy cloud deployments.

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Data Engineering, Data Science & Analytics

Data Science is finding patterns, anomalies and dependencies in large data sets. The data is being chewed down to have less variables and more structure.

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In the Blog (in Finnish)

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Our customer satisfaction rates over 4 on 1-5 scale.
Our staff is emphazising the values #agile #independency #professionalism #continuous learning #co-operation with customer



We've been using Scrum in improving the efficiency for both software production and customer delivery processes.

Our aim has always been to develop continuously the quality and customer service level.

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Everyone can build their own personal development plan, study among the work and choose to work from office or home. 

Taking the responsibility and pride on everyone's creations is highly encouraged. A professional team is more about coaching others than management.


#Continuous Learning

Our tech environment is in continuous change. Versatile, growing roles and daily emerging new tools mean fast paced life for Inliners.

We're active in taking online courses and contributors in international tech forums.

We're having internal seminars, ending up in team activities, as in flight simulator or London, you name it.

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