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How to Integrate Preference Data Into Your Analytics Strategy?

By Khanh Luu on 6.3.2017 23:45

The popularity of using online customer survey has grown strongly in the past few years. Companies send out their surveys every once in a while, and collect the data from their customers. However, it’s not unusual that this data is left untouched or luckier, it is analysed but the insight will go straight to archives. Does that sound familiar to you? If so, don’t worry because you are not alone.

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Top 3 Methods to Get Feedback from Mobile Users

By Khanh Luu on 27.2.2017 16:37

It goes without saying in-app analytics is a must for your mobile strategy. It helps you understand how well your app is performing and which are the best and the worst features in the app. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. How do we know exactly how users feel about our app? Are they willing to take the app to their friends or for which reason they left our app to use a similar one? Apparently, in-app usage data can’t give you the answers in this situation unless you talk directly to the users.

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The 3 basic things to improve UX with in-app analytics

By Khanh Luu on 1.2.2017 17:29

Mobile app running but not sure where to?

So you’ve launched your mobile app and are now waiting for millions of users to download it? Sorry, but unless your app is featured on Appstore, it may take months, if not years, to reach that goal. 

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Top 5 Successful Survey Campaign Elements

By Alessya Gorelova on 30.1.2017 13:44

We are living in Big Data times. Nowadays it is hard to imagine a company that is not collecting consumer data: NPS data, transactional logs, surveys, focus group interviews, demographics, online and social network activity, you name it. All this information is a great source for valuable consumer insights.

How do we make sure that we are not getting useless data?

We need to concentrate on using consumer feedback tools and methods appropriately. When used wisely, surveys are incomparable with regards to receiving quick and massive consumer feedback, be it topical issues or consumer needs we want to address.

Here are top 5 aspects of conducting a successful survey campaign.

1. Before starting to work on a campaign SET CLEAR OBJECTIVES that reflect an issue or a business need in perspective.
  • Are we aiming to improve our customer support services?
  • Do we want to address known issues?
  • Are we surveying needs in to propose a new offering?

The purpose of the study should be also clear to the potential respondents. There are generally only few minutes of their attention we get, and we want to use them as effectively as possible. Lack of objective clarity can lead to higher dropout rates and smaller click rates.

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